Draw On is a not for profit organisation offering art therapy services.

We value collaboration and working in partnerships with existing organisations to provide art therapy for displaced populations including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

Draw On was founded in 2019 by two art psychotherapists, Katie Miller and Emily Hollingsbee. Both therapists have worked in Greece, France and the UK with people who have been displaced due to war, persecution and socio-economic factors.

Art therapy is a talking and non verbal therapy, facilitated by trained art therapists it can provide the opportunity to communicate past and present experiences  through the art making process and image. It offers a safe space to become absorbed in art making, to imagine, play and connect. 

Draw On’s art therapy groups aim to encourage community, connection and solidarity through the art making and being alongside others. It is within these groups that the voice of those who have survived persecution, oppression and alienation is heard, witnessed and valued.

Draw On works in partnership with existing organisations to ensure a safe, resourceful service that shares professional experience and expertise. We work with children, young people and adults in both individual and group therapy.  

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