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Draw On is a not for profit organisation founded in 2019 by two HCPC registered Art Psychotherapists, Katie Miller and Emily Hollingsbee. Both therapists have worked in refugee camps in Greece and France and as art therapists in the UK with people who have been displaced due to war, persecution and socio-economic factors. 



Art therapy can provide the opportunity to communicate past and present experiences through the art making process and image. It offers a safe space to become absorbed in, to imagine, play and connect to others and to self. We use our  expertise to offer art therapy groups, training and workshops.


Community and collaboration is at the core of what we do. Using our expertise and experiences of working with displaced populations including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, we work in partnership with existing organisations to offer art therapy and therapeutic art groups, with children, young people and adults. We also understand how important it is to have a supportive work environment so have extended our services to provide trainings, supervision and reflective practice facilitated by our art therapists.

Meet the team


Emily Hollingsbee-

Emily is an artist, author, art psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and educator.


Emily has worked in a refugee camp in France and in Greece where she lived for18 months developing and facilitating art therapy groups for men, women, young people and children. It was through this work that Emily's interest in community and the use of creative therapeutic groups grew.


Katie Miller-

Katie is an Artist, Arts Educator and Art Psychotherapist who has directed her art making towards collaborative projects and participatory art making. Katie has worked as an art therapist and community artist with vulnerable adults and young people in London, Brighton, Ecuador, Greece and France.


Across 2017 Katie spent her time between London and Northern France facilitating art workshops for separated children and young people in the refugee camp formally known as the ‘Jungle’. It was through this experience that her practice moved to working predominately with refugee communities and those seeking asylum.

Draw On offers workshops and trainings to organisations and educational environments.

To find out more about what we can offer click on the 'Services' button above!

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